Free 5-Year American Community Survey data in Tableau

To celebrate the upcoming Tableau Customer Conference in New Orleans (#TC18), TGE Demographics is offering its ready-to-go American Community Survey data for FREE during the Month of October! These are Tableau Packaged Workbooks with pre-loaded 2012-2016 5-year ACS data for all US census tracts. As most of you know, the American Community Survey replaced the census long-form data in 2010. However, since it is an ongoing continuous survey, instead of a once-every-ten-year survey, detailed demographic data are updated every year.

The TGE Demographics pre-packaged ACS data for Tableau covers all US census tracts. Packaged workbooks cover some of the most useful demographics, including population by age and sex, ancestry data, household income by race and Hispanic origin, marital status, educational attainment and others. Just logon to and go to “Demographics for Tableau.”

Why census tracts? Good question. Census tracts are the lowest level of reasonably reliable data from the five-year American Community Survey, produced annually by the U.S. Census Bureau. Your data are the most recent (released in December 2017) 2012-2016 American Community Survey. The data represent demographic estimates for that five-year period.-

So, Tableau data geeks and others, check out the TGE pre-packaged ACS data in Tableau here.

Thank you, all, for participating! And, let me know if you have particular data needs going forward.

Tom ExterComment