Pop by Race Sex Age (Tableau 10.5 Packaged Workbook)

Pop by Race Sex Age (Tableau 10.5 Packaged Workbook)


This digital download data product contains a Tableau 10.5 Packaged Workbook with the latest five-year American Community Survey data ready for your analysis. The workbook includes a geographic role for census tracts and a Mapbox background map for detailed localities and street-level information. Geographic extent is full US national coverage and Puerto Rico.

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TGE Demographics’ American Community Survey Data for Tableau Users

These instructions are for users of the TGE Demographics data packages for Tableau users. The data are updated 2012-2016 American Community Survey data from the Census Bureau. We all know that data preparation can be an onerous task. TGE have done this for you by extracting the census tract level data from the Census Bureau raw files and formatted it for use in Tableau. The data package contains the following items:

1.      This readme file

2.      A Tableau 10.5 Packaged Workbook with the data

a.      Includes census tract geographic role

b.      Includes Mapbox background map with street level information.

3.      List of variables corresponding to each topic

4.      TGE blog post: The Case for Census Tract Demographics

Why census tracts? Good question. Census tracts are the lowest level of reasonably reliable data from the five-year American Community Survey, produced annually by the U.S. Census Bureau. Your data are the most recent (released in December 2017) 2012-2016 American Community Survey. The data represent demographic estimates for that five-year period.

Now, on to instructions for getting your data up and running in Tableau.

1.      Unpack your data into a folder of your choosing.

2.      Open your workbook in Tableau 10.5.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact TGE Demographics Consulting. See our website for contact information including forms for questions: www.thedemographics.com

Thank you!