Welcome!  This website is about demographics -- trends, data, visualizations, and more.  As a demographer, I believe we can all "get" the demographics -- that is, we can understand demographic trends and see ourselves/our communities/our customers in those trends. Demographic trends make news -- local, national, and international.  There's a story in the numbers and behind the numbers. If you want to access, download, analyze, map, chart, interpret, and otherwise wrap your head around demographic data, a special welcome! Please contact me directly with any comments, suggestions, collaborations, ideas for stories, whatever. And, thank you for visiting, reading and commenting!

Thomas G. Exter is chief demographer at TGE Demographics Consulting, providing up-to-date demographic information and data often with interpretation and insight. TGE Demographics is your guide through free and premium demographic data sources. Tom has a special interest in data visualizations using business intelligence (BI) software. Tom is the former Toronto-based chief demographer at Pitney Bowes Software (1998 - 2014) and former senior editor/research director at Ithaca, New York-based American Demographics magazine. Tom's education includes an AB (San Diego State) and MA and PhD degrees from Cornell University (sociology/demography and Latin American studies).