Civilian Employed by Industry (national census tract file)

Civilian Employed by Industry (national census tract file)


This product provides census tract data for licensed Tableau software users. Your file will contain a Tableau Packaged Workbook (*.twbx file), a TMS file for access to custom background maps, a *.cvs file for custom geocoding, and a copy of the original data file. "How to..." documentation is included.

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Your zipped download file will contain the following files:

a.       A Tableau packaged workbook that should open to any licensed Tableau user and be immediately ready for analysis. The data file is a sample of American Community Survey data. The background map is provided by TGE Demographics through Mapbox. The custom geocoding comes from a file that creates a valid geographic role for census tracts. The next steps permit the user to unpack and redo the analysis in order to see how it works.

b.      A *.tms file brings in the Mapbox background map in lieu of the Tableau background map. One Mapbox style map is provided although several Mapbox style maps are available through TGE Demographics.

c.       The original data is provided in an MS Excel file. Note that there are several variables added beyond the raw Census Bureau data. A percent of total is calculated to permit analysis of the relative importance of a particular variable. Also, an index variable set is provided to permit a comparison of the census tract percentage to the national percent for each variable. That is for example, if the census tract index is 120, then that tract is twenty percent higher than the national percentage for that variable.

d.      The custom geocoding file (a *.csv file) is provided which can be used to establish the “tract” level geographic role in any U.S.-based analysis.

e.      A data license MS Word document is provided which essentially gives the end user a one-year license to use the data in any way they see fit. As the data are updated annually, users are advised to update their data from TGE Demographics on an annual basis.